Hanna N.

Highly recommended. Love Dr. Sepi. She recommended no treatment at this stage for my daughter and that was a relief. I was sure we had to start now. She felt very reliable and was not pushing for treatment. We are supposed to go back in 6 months and check regularly until it is time to start. Instead of two rounds of treatment, we will only have to do one. Make much more sense, financially and time-wise. Thanks

Anna M.

Dr. Sepi Torkan is an exceptional and the most genuine orthodontist I have ever been to. She's passionate about producing exceptional results and giving her patients all the attention and time they need. During the initial consultation she listened to all my concerns and made two different treatment plans for me to choose from (with braces and an Invisalign). After giving me all the answers I could ask for she gave me much needed time to think about my options (I've never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision). She helped me to choose the right option for me (taking into consideration all my concerns). I know she would not proceed with the treatment if she had any concerns about me not being fully satisfied with the end results. She put the braces on super quickly and explained every step of the way making sure I'm comfortable. After that, she gave me a (huge!) bag of goodies with an electric toothbrush and all the things I could think of (and then some more). She also gave us a "family discount" since she's treating me and my husband. I can't wait to see the end result and I'm glad I chose dr Sepi to help me achieve the smile I always dreamed of!

Jane X.

I went in for an exam today. The doctor was nice and gave me two options. She told me to either do limited and address my concern or a full work. Karla at the front desk was also super nice. Helped check my insurance. I liked the office. Super nice and friendly. Thank you, Karla, for being so helpful.

Amanda B.

Cannot believe I am driving such a long distance to see an orthodontia doctor, but Dr. Sepi is just awesome. She is friendly, affordable and knows a thing or two about teeth and shared them with you. She tells me exactly what I need to know and explains it really well. The price is very affordable. It IS worth the drive

Moe S.

We recently moved to Redmond and we were looking for the best orthodontist in Redmond for our son. Dr. Sepi was highly recommended by a friend of ours. We found iSmile Orthodontics very nice and modern and my wife and I were impressed by the doctor and staff

Mandy R.

This has been a great experience. Moving in the middle of my daughter's treatment, I was nervous about how things would go, but the staff and Dr. Sepi were all so accommodating! This has been a very smooth awesome process and I am so excited about my daughter's straight teeth! Thank you!

Wilson H.

My dentist referred me to iSmile Orthodontics for braces. Very nice and modern office with friendly staff. Doctor was also very friendly and explained options thoroughly. I’m very excited to get my Invisalign treatment started.

Dan K.

It would have never occurred to me that I would need braces. My teeth looked fine to me. Until my dentist said I am starting to lose my bottom teeth because of severe grinding and I just noticed how bad the damage has been. He is the one who recommended I visit Dr. Sepi. Super nice and knowledgeable. I will need some screws on top of braces to get things fixed, but I am all in if that makes me chew better. I am not ready to be done with my teeth just yet.

Gina S.

Such a knowledgeable and professional doctor and such nice staff. Karal was super patient explaining the fees to me. Dr. Sepi is the best, she dresses well, is super nice and explains everything a hundred times if need be. My daughter was immediately in love with her and wanted to start treatment with the "cool, pretty doctor". Sadly she has to wait a week before she can get her braces on. But we are super excited to get this journey started for her.

Joe M.

It has been a great experience, The staff is so kind, caring, and friendly. They care about our personal lives and our teeth. Thank you for the joy you have brought to my life over such a short period of time by giving me the smile I always wished for.

Tara W.

I work with Dr. Sepi at another ortho office 2 days a week. She is a great orthodontist, very knowledgable, professional and a kind heart. Anyone who decides to be treated by her will be very satisfied!!!

Mark S.

We’ve been very satisfied with the service we’ve received for our son at iSmile Redmond. Dr. Sepi is kind and knowledgeable and explains the process thoroughly to make sure there are no surprises.

Sherry M.

Kudos to Dr Sepi and the team at iSmile Orthodontists for their topnotch service. My sister highly recommended them for my daughter’s braces and I’m very happy with our choice.

Amir S.

My 12 year old has been getting his braces with Dr Sepi. We did some research and went for consultations at few orthodontists in Redmond before choosing iSmile Orthodontics. Dr. Sepi is hands down the best orthodontist in Redmond. Thanks for the great service.

Ashley R.

My son was a patient of Dr. Sepi a few years back in Seattle. We absolutely loved her. She went above and beyond to make sure my son would get the ideal results. It was a very difficult treatment, but Dr. Sepi kept my son motivated. The best part was that she would explain at each appointment what our goals were, what has been done so far and once she made the adjustments for that day, she would go over the changes that would happen within the next 4 weeks. It was amazing to see that little by little, everything she had said would actually happen. My son’s treatment was over in less than 2 years. It was a bittersweet ending as my son really loved going to his appointments and was sad to see it come to an end, but was also super thrilled to finally have the braces off. I would definitely recommend her to everyone. She is knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her patients.